How Does Designrr Work?


How Does Designrr Work?

Designrr is a new software tool which enables you to quickly create dynamic, e-book, interactive PDFs, e-books and show notes from existing material, videos, blogs, and audio clips instantly. With Designrr, you can quickly create multiple e-book, video, podcast, and audio clips in just a few minutes with the press of a button. You can even revise your earlier work using the built-in check function. All you need to do is click the “revise” icon in the right panel. Designrr was created by Jef Verscheren, who has years of experience in the design and development of websites and blogging sites. He was also responsible for creating some of the earliest web browser plug-ins and web designers.

How Does Designrr Work?

DesignrrDesignrr is a new software tool which enables you to quickly create dynamic, e-book, interactive PDFs, e-books and show notes from existing material, videos, blogs, and audio clips instantly. With Designrr, you can quickly create multiple e-book, video, podcast, and audio clips in just a few minutes with the press of a button. You can even revise your earlier work using the built-in check function. All you need to do is click the “revise” icon in the right panel. Designrr was created by Jef Verscheren, who has years of experience in the design and development of websites and blogging sites. He was also responsible for creating some of the earliest web browser plug-ins and web designers.

What is Designrr?

How Does Designrr Work?Designrr is an instant but accurate web content repurposed engine based on a powerful software platform. The software is able to transform one form of content into another and even back again. These forms of content that can be turned into others include but aren’t limited to; Articles, Blog Posts, Video contents (into streaming video, PDF’s, etc). The technology behind Designrr allows for the repurposed content to be indexed in many search engines. This would allow customers to search for content that already exists on the internet but may not have been recognized by other sites. The resulting websites are search engine optimized (SEO) – designed to get noticed by the masses and marketed effectively.

Designrr is designed to make the importing and exporting of content as easy as possible while still providing high quality images, videos and music for your blogs, websites and other applications. The suggested reading on the Designrr site includes quickstart guides for importing media, how to add text and how to insert graphics. You can even create your own links with the suggested reading on how to insert web addresses.

Create Beautiful E-Book Covers and Graphics With Designrr

DesignrrDesignrr offers four basic editing options: import, copy, modify, and cancel. To import an item, click on the “imports” tab in the main interface. From this page, you’ll be able to see all the items that you imported, as well as their location on the system. To copy an item, click on the “copy item” option in the import section of the Designrr interface. To modify a selection, click on the “modify selection” option.


Once you’ve imported an image or video into Designrr, it will be available for use in your e-book, website, or blog, as long as you have the proper licenses to take advantage of it. The most common license for images and graphics is the standard license, which allows you to use the graphic in virtually any way that you want. The only restriction is that you may not submit the modified file as a commercial product. Otherwise, you would need to acquire a different license than what is required for uploads to Facebook or Google. Your clients can also read the modified file if they so desire.

The second most important editing option is the copy feature, used to create hyperlinks and insert images within the document. To open the designer design element editor, click on the “effects” icon in the design icon row. The editing toolbar will appear. From here, you’ll find a range of basic effects, such as a selection, fade in/out, make darker or lighter, add focus to an object, etc. You can use the text tool to customize text, fonts, colors, fill patterns, etc.

Convert to PDF

One of the most powerful features of Designrr is the convert to PDF feature. It is easy to automate the conversion process by using the built-in Transcription toolbar. Simply select an item, type in its content, and wait for the conversion to complete. Once the conversion is complete, you will see a PDF version of the item, which you can then save as a PDF file. There are different ways to trigger PDF conversion. For example, when you save an audio recording as a mp3, it will become available as a PDF after the conversion occurs.

Designrr offers five different ways to import files into your design website:

  • The File import option to upload any text or graphics from your computer or the Internet.
  • The Clipboard import option to import clipart from a portable device, such as a USB drive or a memory stick.
  • Use the Import Selection option to choose which items from your desktop are imported into the program.
  • Use the Import option to import YouTube videos from their URLs, either as a video or a transcript of the video.

Some of the more advanced features in Designrr include the ability to:

Show notes. With the Show notes option, you can create a virtual notebook, where you can store ideas and notes for future use. You can also display a collection of files that you have created using the Create button on the main page. If you’re creating a flipbook or a collection of images, you can use the Gallery option to display these items in a sidebar on the right side of the screen. All of these advanced features are available only with the Professional version of Designrr.

One more aspect of the Designrr that makes it a worthwhile investment is its feature that enables you to convert existing content into unique content. With this capability, you can easily create your own websites, blogs and newsletters with the many different formats that the software supports. This is another factor that makes many marketers choose this product over the competition. If you are someone who does not have web development experience or someone who is interested in developing websites, you may find that the design/publishing tool offered by Designrr is ideal for your needs. When you are ready to create a unique product that can increase your online business, then you may want to consider investing in Designrr and finding a way to turn your idea into a reality.


In conclusion, this is an outstanding web design software that enables you to easily and quickly create stunning, creative e-book covers and graphics. I like how you are able to save and organize all of your work while still saving the file as a PDF. Designrr lets you export all of your work as a WORD document, a PDF or even a mobi file for Amazon. You can also import graphics from other files using the Clipboard function. Lastly, it’s easy to browse your work in a list so you know where you are in the creation process.

Catch the limited time single pay option for the level that you want. There are three different tiers and there will NEVER be an up sell. Sign up for your 7 day free trial now!

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  1. I’m surprised I haven’t come across this platform before as I’m looking for a software quite similar to this. But this one has some great extra features.

    I like how quick you can create e books and the like, it’s time saving and I guess stress free. I think I’m going to look into designrr in more detail, definitely worth joining.

    • Hi there Sariyah!

      I agree, this is not a well advertised product.  I caught it on its initial sale through either WarriorsPlus or JVZOO (that was about two years ago but my memory is horrible!).  So I got in during the initial product launch and haven’t stopped using it since.

      Designrr is aces at helping you to create digital books for sale on Amazon KDP (or on any publishing platform), for ebooks you want to give away to encourage list building or even to pull content for your blog. I’ve found it to be a life saver!

      It is totally stress free and you can have a ton of fun using it! Give that free trial a try and see if it meets your needs!


  2. This is a really helpful review and I think it may be just what I need to take my KDP business to the next level. I’ve been making activity books, notebooks, budgeting books, and much more. Sounds like Designrr is very user-friendly, which would be a great benefit to me, as I don’t consider myself tech savvy. 

    • Hi Alicia!

      Designrr can really streamline your publishing business.  The fact that you can pull information from multiple sources allows you to add so much extra content without getting bogged down. It’s very good for those who are not tech savvy because it’s quite intuitive and has plenty of tutorials.

      I hope that you take advantage of the free trial period and give it a spin.

      All the best!


  3. Howdy! Well it feels good to learn about this software platform. Heard about it a couple of times but prior to now, I haven’t sat to really check about what it really is about! Glad I did. I am certain it will do so much good for a writer considering it helps materials & build ebooks in a Professional way. 

    • Hi Vanabell!

      I couldn’t have described it better! Yes, there is almost no sources that you can’t pull from, streamlining your ebook experience with pictures, video and text from your blog (or wherever).  It’s actually helped me with blog creation as well!


  4. Thank you for another great review. Im just starting my adventure with digital marketing but I already noticed how much time creating content is taking. I haven’t heard before about Designrr but it seems as a great tool to make it more automatic. With automatic transformation of content between platforms and format and quickly create pdf for sure I will save lot of time. Looking forward to test trial version in practice.

    • Hey Cogito!!!

      Thank you for the compliment!  Designrr is obviously for making ebooks that you can either sell on Amazon KDP and other publishing apps or as publications to give away for free to get your email list going. However, it also is great for pulling information to use in your blog.  I especially like how you can get a complete transcript of any video on YouTube.  You can reword these and put them into a blog post.

      I hope you love the free trial as much as I love Designrr!


  5. Wow it has soo many features and yet another software I haven’t heard of. I think the only reason for me to use its for storing multiple files. 

    I don’t use that many platforms but I do to write blog post so maybe Designrr can help in storing my files. I also have a lot old files from university and it’s getting too much. I even deleted some. 

    Thanks for the review, I hopefully will check it out.

    • Ack! 

      Don’t you erase all of that awesome content! You never know when it will come in handy. Designrr will most certainly store it and then you can use it to: make books for publishing, make books on your niche, start multiple projects, use small books as give always to build a list and add more content to your blogs. It’s so multi-purpose that I’ve not been able to NOT use it for at least a year or so now.

      Check it out on the free trial and see, for free, if it will meet your needs. (And then come back here and share your opinion!)



  6. I actually used Designrr for the covers of several Ebooks I created and I would definitely recommend it, it’s really easy to use and it makes your job really easy. Do you know if they have an updated version (a bit more recent than the one I tried, as that one was launched a few years ago I think)?

    • Hi Ashley!

      I, too, have been using Designrr since it first came out a couple of years ago and I’m quite confident in saying that I’ve not seen any changes during that time. If they did, it would have been minor changes. So, If you liked it then but let your subscription expire, I would get back in now with the free trial and the 30 day, no questions asked, guarantee.

      If you are looking at it with fresh eyes (as I’m sure your needs have changed since this product’s inception), you can refamiliarise yourself with it and see if it will work for your needs of today.

      All the best!


  7. Hello,

    I think I should consider myself lucky to come across this post. Its was a few days ago when I was struggling to convert DOC to PDF. I don’t have relevant software tools, and I’m very happy to finally find Designrr, I will get to it right away. I have noted how it works, and I hope it won’t give me any problems getting along.

    Thank you so much, this is very helpful.

    • Hiya Kokontala,

      Designrr is all created, run and supported by the maker, Jef Verscheren. He’s a great guy that wants the best experience for his clients.  He even does his own tech support and is always prompt and polite. I’ve never had a problem with the app that he couldn’t answer or point me in the right direction. Of course, if I had taken a bit more time on the tutorials, I wouldn’t have had to bug him so many times!

      If you run into any problems, use the chat on the lower left hand side to communicate your needs. I think that this app is so intuitive that you will find it no problem to master!

      Let me know how it goes for you!


  8. Based on this article, Designrr looks like a great tool, especially for those such as myself, that are not very computer literate.  It looks like this software provides plenty of tools to help those looking to create great e-book covers.  For many, simplicity is key, and Designrr keeps things very simple and is also quite user friendly. 

    • Hi Andrew!

      You don’t have to be at ALL computer literate to use this software.  There are also plenty of tutorials but it is so intuitive, I hardly looked at them.  They are good for beginners, though. Creating an ebook and bringing in content from every type of source you can imagine is a huge benefit. This will totally make you money through Amazon KDP or make great digital books as giveaways to get people onto your list.

      All the best in your publishing endeavours!


  9. Sounds like a good software to have, but the author should have included a screenshot or two since they were giving instruction on how to perform tasks with the software. The first three topic titles were exactly the same. Why? While I have no experience with this software, I would research it to learn more.

    • Hi Canty,

      Well, the author is myself and common SEO practices tell us to put the keywords into two subheadings.  THREE; however, is overkill.  Thank you for pointing that out to me and I’ve corrected it.  To research this software more, if I were you, I would take advantage of the 7 day free trial period that Designrr offers, go through the tutorials or just play with it yourself.  If you like it, choose the plan that best meets your needs.  If you don’t, cancel.  This app has a great safety net for that and the builder is VERY fast with support tickets as he obviously loves his work!


  10. That Jef Verscheren guy, sure, sounds like someone who knows what he’s doing and has plenty of experience to back it up. I mean, as far as I can tell, the Designrr looks pretty solid.

    And, yeah, I definitely agree. It does seem like really awesome design software. Personally, I just love the fact that it is possible to export to PDF and Word easily. That’s huge for me. And the power of converting existing content to a unique one sounds absolutely busted to me. I love that. And uuu-uu, I’m a big fan of products not having any upsells. It just raises/augments the value of the whole thing, the way I see it. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hey Matiss,

      Jeff IS a wonderful guy. He does all of the support tickets himself and you can tell that he is totally invested in the product. I also extremely dislike upsells.  They make me think that the product just can’t stand alone without them.  Thank goodness this doesn’t happen here.  Take the 7 day free trial period and give it a try!

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


  11. This is very helpful because I want to convert some of my blog posts into an ebook. The cover design utility is a very nice feature and I’m glad it has a PDF converter feature. Before deciding to buy, is it possible to convert non-English content into an ebook? And is there a free trial version for it? Thank you in advance.

    • Yes, there is a 7 day free trial period. I’m sorry but I’ve never tried it with another language.  What I would do if I was you is sign up to the free trial period of Designerr and test it out with your language. If it doesn’t work, please let us all know because I would love to know the answer, and then cancel!

  12. This all sounds very interesting! I’ve been looking for new ways to be creative with my website. I’d love to put a recipe book together as a free gift for my readers, but it’s such a big work! Do you feel that Designrr might be a good fit for me? And how much will it be costing?

    • Hi there!

      Designrr would be PERFECT to make a cookbook.  It will save you tons of time and you will end up with a professional and well designed book. There is a 7 day free trial, during which time, if you like it, you can check out their 3 different pricing tiers that all depend on how much you use it.  It’s really hard to lose with this one!

  13. I have started writing an ebook, which includes some course material, but got stuck on not knowing how to make it look “pretty”. So doing some research and finding out about Designrr, sounds like the perfect software tool that I will need to continue with my ebook and course creation. I am pleased to see that they have a 7 day free trial that I can use to see if it what I require. 

    • You’ll love Designrr then!  It allows you to pull in content from any source and then walks you through to book creation.  It has plenty of stock pictures and book covers that you can make your own.  You will then have a professionally laid out book with your great content!

      I’ve used this quite a lot and it’s never let me down!

  14. Well, I have to say that this is not something that i had been considering really. But having read your review here, it has grabbed my attention and i;m thinking to myself that i might have to give this a try at least. It’s got to be worth a crack of the whip at least. Does it have a Free Trial version do you know?

    • Yes!  All plans have a 7 day free trial.  I should have put that in the article!  Thank you for catching that!  With Designrr, you can even get transcripts from YouTube to give you ideas of what to write in your blog!  It has SO many uses!

  15. I am glad I was able to come across this post. I need Designrr but I didn’t know where I could find a tool like this. I have been putting together my website and I feel I have a lot of my own material that I can put together in a ebook. But it seemed challenging. However, with Designrr, it seems I could do it.

    • I have just LOVED it.  I only review products that I’ve used and know to be good!  This cloud based software has made organizing all of my articles and other media SO easy. I’m just about to post them to Amazon KDP.  I don’t know what I would have done without it!

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